Our Approach

Our financial planning process starts with a comprehensive review of each client's financial information. This allows us to fully understand a client's current situation and begin to identify opportunities for improvement and also to eliminate the exposure areas in their financial plan.  Working closely with our clients, we design a financial plan tailored to their unique financial and life goals and assist them in implementing it.  Ongoing maintenance of the plan ensures that as client's situations, needs, and goals change, the plan is adjusted appropriately.

DFM's comprehensive financial planning model looks at all aspects of a client's financial life and considers how a decision in one area may affect other areas of their financial plan.

We don't leave it up to the client to decipher recommendations made by their different advisors as some firms do.  We bring all the information together in a comprehensive manner and explain everything in detail, giving our clients a clear vision of their financial future and the ability to make better financial decisions.

Unfortunately for most people, the advice they receive from their financial advisor is two dimensional and not always well thought out.  Their advisor may not look at their finances from all angles or may not be qualified to fully evaluate all of the implications of the transaction.  In the worst cases, the advice may be provided by someone who has something to gain from the decisions their clients make.

DFM is committed to building long-term client relationships. Most of our clients have comprehensive needs and an ongoing need for investment advisory services.  While an initial financial planning consultation provides tremendous value, including designing a customized step-by-step roadmap for financial freedom, the key to anyone's continued success is the ongoing management of the plan.  Unlike some advisory firms that sell a product or service to generate an upfront fee and consider their job done, DFM is dedicated to the continued success of our clients throughout the cycles of their financial life and seeks motivated, committed clients with these same values.

Our low client-to-advisor ratio helps ensure our clients have direct access to their advisor. We feel this direct contact with our advisors provides for better communication and allows us to accomplish our mission of developing closer, personal relationships with our clients.