Financial Planning Services

The first important step in the financial planning process is understanding an individual’s current financial situation, needs and future goals. We ask prospective clients to complete a brief Confidential Questionnaire outlining their current assets and liabilities, cash flow, as well as their expectations from a financial planning relationship. We review the information in the Confidential Questionnaire and schedule a one hour complimentary meeting with the prospective client.

During this initial meeting, we communicate what you can expect from future planning sessions and what we expect from our clients. Assuming both parties perceive value to a financial planning relationship, a fee is proposed to the client for an initial comprehensive review. The initial fee is scaled and customized based on the complexity and volume of each client's financial situation and needs.

We then request detailed financial information from the client. An information request packet is mailed to the client. This packet includes a detailed Client Questionnaire, Client Information Checklist, an engagement letter and all appropriate disclosures. Once the information is received by DFM, we begin the process of reviewing and organizing the data in preparation of for our meeting.

We believe the quality of each individual's financial plan is highly dependent on the initial comprehensive review. During our initial review, we determine how each aspect of a client’s financial plan interacts with other parts of their plan. At DFM, we take pride in spending the time necessary to fully understand each of these components and make recommendations that will help clients meet their goals most efficiently.

A critical factor in the creation of a successful financial plan is customizing the advice and providing recommendations to meet each client’s unique financial and life goals. We use our face-to-face meeting to both educate clients on our philosophies of wealth accumulation and to confirm client’s goals and objectives to jointly develop the customized financial plan.

During our meeting, the critical steps necessary to achieve each person’s goals are outlined and specific recommendations are made.  Subsequent to the meeting, a written report is issued summarizing our meeting together.

After the initial review, DFM assists clients in implementing the recommendations provided for a period of six months. Our goal is to maintain relationships past the initial six month period to ensure that as client’s situations, needs and goals change, the plan is adjusted appropriately. Meeting with hundreds of clients over the years has confirmed our belief that individuals working with a trusted advisor feel more secure about their financial future because they:

  • Are confident they have a realistic retirement plan in place
  • Confirm their dependents' needs are addressed
  • Gain confidence in their financial decision-making
  • Keep more organized records
  • Enjoy a level of accountability to their financial planning goals they were previously missing

If any of these pieces are currently missing from your life, we are confident DFM can help fill the gaps and lead the way to a more safe and secure financial future.